Introducing Hoa Binh Cruise and Hoa Binh Hotel Hoa Binh Hotel

Introducing Hoa Binh Cruise and Hoa Binh Hotel

Hoa Binh Tourist Joint Stock Company will organize a customer meeting to introduce new travel products including Hoa Binh Cruise and Hoa Binh Hotel on 27th June on the 8th floor in National Library of Vietnam.


Hoa Binh Tourist Joint Stock Company has over 40 years of experience in tourism sector that contributes to the development of tourism in Hoa Binh province. After many years of operation, leaders of the company saw the potential tourism development of Hoa Binh; they invested hundreds of billions to build a hotel following the stilt of Muong house style and two 3-star Hoa Binh Cruises on Hoa Binh Reservoir.

The aim of customer meeting is that introducing two new services: Hoa Binh Hotel and Hoa Binh Cruise.

Modeled after stilt houses of the Muong, Hoa Binh Hotel is the most advanced 3-star hotel in Hoa Binh City with 56 bedrooms, a restaurant of over 300-seats and conference hall to accommodate 180 guests. Hoa Binh Hotel is an ideal stop for all guests traveling to Hoa Binh who wish to study the local culture in general and Muong culture in particular.



For the first time, there are two advanced cruises 68 & 86 on Hoa Binh Lake that total 45 billion dongs in investment and are able to accommodate 180 and 120 guests respectively. Hoa Binh 68 & 86 cruises are designed to meet 3-star standards and equipped with suite furniture. These cruises are operated on an hourly basis, for fixed routes and exclusive for events, conferences, customer meetings, weddings or gatherings.

The customer meeting will be held at 09h00 am Saturday 27th June, on 8th floor of National Library of Vietnam, 47 Ba Trieu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. In the meeting, there are 50 participating units operating in travel sector such as Buffalo Tours, Hanoi Tourist, Vietnam Opentour, Go Asia Travel, My Tour… This event is not only an opportunity for Hoa Binh Tourist to introduce new travel products but also for the units meet and cooperate in their business.


On 9th July, the company will also organize a costumer meeting at Ho Chi Minh to introduce new products.

Two costumer meetings in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are organized by An Thinh Tourist – a professional company in events and travel sector.

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